Accolades - The Allentown Hobo "Almost" Marching Band

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Whaddya know, they love us!

Article from the Morning Call, dated 10-13-06 - Read here.

From Kim R. Emes of Hamburg.....

Dear Hobo Band,

I would like to take this time to THANK YOU FIRST FOR BEING IN THE King Frost Parade.  And second that you stopped in front of my house and played LOUIE LOUIE FOR US.  Funny thing is the Hobo Band was the only band to play this song.  In fact the band stopped what they were playing and started playing LOUIE LOUIE.      That made the parade for us.  Dancing in the street to Louie Louie  makes the parade for us.  We have lived on Hamburg SINCE 1989 and the Hobo Band has come through every year with playing our song.

We hope that in the future that you and the Hobo Band will play in the King Frost Parade, and stop in front of our home and play LOUIE LOUIE
Kim R. Emes

Thank you very much!


From Brian Wambold, of Wambold Motorsports....

Dear Hobos,
I would like to thank you for the fun time your little group made for us at the Bath Halloween parade.  As usual the music was great and the crowd loved you. We also won First Place for the best small float. Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon.

Brian Wambold,
Wambold Motorsports

Thank you!  We had a lot of fun riding on your float!


From the Girardville Parade Committee....

Dear Hobos,
We wanted to contact you guys to let you know that the Hobo Band got 2nd place for NON high School Marching Band in the Girardville Parade last Saturday.  One of our commitee members will get the plaque to you in the coming weeks.  Hope you guys had a great time and look forward to 2011.  If you guys get Service Electric Cable TV in your area, the parade will be re-broadcast on Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at Noon. Check with your local providers.  The parade was also featured in 2 Irish magazines and a documentary on Irish heritage titled "One Nation, One Heart..the Irish."  It can occasionally be seen on PBS channels.  
Congratulations on your award and we will get a representative to meet with you soon.  We will contact you by phone or email.  
Thank You for another great performance in Girardville!

Nancy McNelis
Media/Parade Operations
Girardville Parade Committee

Thank you very much!  It was a pleasure to perform for the great folks in Girardville!


From the Hamburg Jaycees....

FIRST PLACE Community Band - 2009 Hamburg "King Frost" Parade.

Many Thanks!


From the Camelot for Children 5K Event Coordinator....

Dear Hobo Band Friends,
Thank you so much for providing entertainment at our 5k.  Many of the comments we received when asking for feedback were about you all being there and how great you sounded!  Thanks for your help in making our event a great one.... hope to have you in 2010!

We'll be there!


From the Girardville Parade Committee....

Dear Friends and "Hobo's",
Thank you for your participation in the 6th
annual Girardville St Patrick's Day Parade!  The crowds LOVED you guys!!!!!  We
hope to book your band for next year!  We hope you all had a great time, and on
behalf of the Parade Committee....Thank you!
Nancy J.  McNelis,  Media Rep. and
John P. "Mouche" McNelis-Parade Chairman
Girardville St Patricks Day Parade

We had a great time!  See you next year!


From Lyn Boger, Freemansburg Recreation President....

On behalf of the Recreation Committee, and the entire Borough of Freemansburg, I would like to thank you for participating in our Halloween Parade.  Words alone could never express how grateful we are to you for honestly helping to make the parade the best parade this town has ever put on.  You are to be commended for your efforts, and truly are a role model to your peers.  I really hope you will consider coming back to our parade next year.  If there are any other accommodations we can make to assure your experience to be even more comfortable, please let us know.  You can pat yourselves on the back.  
JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!

It was our pleasure.  Thanks for having us, and we'll be back!


From the Freemansburg Fire Co....

Again I would like to Thank You and the members of the Allentown Hobo Band for coming through and helping us in a pinch like that.  If you can please let everyone know how much we appreciated it!!!  I heard alot of good comments about the band from our members.  Unfortunately the line up before the parade was a little messed up and confusing.  I know we had a great time and I hope your band did also.  Just so you know, our department won first place for best appearing marching fire company with less then 35 members (we had 32) with a band of not less then 10 musicians.  Again thanks for all your help and we will keep the Band in mind for future Parades.</EM>

Thanks to you, guys!


From the Woman's 5k Classic, 2007....

Attached is a group shot of a great little band.
Truly enjoyed the band's motivational music this morning.
A great, enthusiastic group of talented musicians.
Thanks for the impromptu open air concert.
Bill Cosgrove
Allentown, PA


From Craig M. Borst, RCN Host....

HI Gang (both those of who I know and those I don't)!
I am sincerely glad to have found your web page.  What a delight!
The real purpose of my writing is to let you all know how much Ann
Savkova and I do enjoy your treatment of us at the many parades
we cover for RCN-TV.  Although we expect something from Joe
Mascari, and I do from Wendy Siegfried, (personal and professional
friends), well----we just never know!! ...And that's the joy of bringing
all of you to our audience.
Please keep making your wonderful music available to all of us.
Never conform!!  You guys are terrific!!

Thank you, for your praise and coverage!  Long may RCN's spotlights dazzle!

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