Schedule - The Allentown Hobo "Almost" Marching Band

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We've been working diligently to keep everyone informed via e-mail about the upcoming gigs, please return the favor and respond to e-mail inquiries, even if you can't make it.  Thanks!

Guests, please note:  Comments and jokes contained herein are directed solely to Band Members and are in no way meant to disparage or demean the godlike, heroic efforts of the good people involved in the various parade committees, their kith, kin, ilk, hired-muscle, sooth-sayers, hangers-on, etc.

"GIG NOT CONFIRMED" means that we have submitted an application and are waiting for the paperwork from the parade committee.  Save the date, and we'll post meetimg points and times as they become available.

Saturday, December 16th -  "Caroling"  Meet at the Ritz, Allentown Fairgrounds at 5:30pm for some caroling at friends and family, and maybe a stop at the Lights in the Park gift shop.  

Sunday, December 17th -  "Caroling"  Same place, same time.

Sunday, December 24th  -  "Christmas Eve Party"  -  Meet at the Holiday Inn, Fogelsville, at 1:00pm for their usual Christmas Eve bash.

More gigs to come, stay tuned, and stay IN tune!

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