All that's Silly

Oh Boy! Three Squares and a warm bed for me!!

Queen of the Allentown Halloween Parade


Our flag-twirler, Zippermouth.

How the heck do I play through this thing?

Gimmie a B!

Hobo, the next to the next generation

Those Hobo gigs can wipe you out!

I defy anyone to show me another band that has played "Louie, Louie" on a moving carousel!

Introducing the Hobo Hauler.

Driver must provide own earplugs.

Say "Cheese"!

...And for our first dive...

Just a'sittin on the side of the road...

The Hobo, between sets.

Arrgh, me hearties! There be Hobo's afoot!

This must be our parking spot.

Testing the Al-a-pult

Hitching a ride

Yikes! It's the Hobo Zombie!

From Beer to Ben-Gay.

What a mug!

Caffeine it up, folks!

Which Hobo lives in a Pineapple under the sea?

Puttin' on the Ritz

Ow-ow-ow!! Get off!

Ahhh, it's good to be the king

Here we are refreshing ourselves before the... (hmmm, I forget where) parade.

Joy to the World, the... (ker-SLAM) Hello? Hello?

Hobo - The Next Generation

Chuck does heavy metal.

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