Our Members

This year's centerfold from "Tuba Player's Quarterly"

With the Philly Phanatic at Patriot's Park

The Hobo Hauler 2(a) in Emmaus.

The next generation

See? We actuall DO practice once in a while.

Hobos Omnibus

Pace car for the Raja 500

Trumpets in the Park, exchanging tempos...

Headin' fer the gig.

The 'ol gunslinger, givin' tips to the new pup...

I don't care what she's selling, I'm buying!

Bob, Bob, Bob, & Bob at Bob's

Seems a bit short in the sleeves...

Hobos and their floozies.

Tom's blue period.

C'mere, babe!

Buzz Lightsnare! (and a little bit of Hugh)

Start 'em out early, warp their little minds.

Let us pray....

Girding for battle.

Hey, look! Charlotte's got a camera!

City Slickers

This hurts just to look at

Hey! That's not a bathroom!

Entertaining the crowd in Alburtis.

Yikes! He smiled at me!


Shawn in his natural habitat.

Musikfest Ball, here we come!

another snazzy couple

Who are you people?!? What am I doing here!?!

Please, sir... May I have some more?

Nyah, nyah, I still have a better career as a drummer!

We're just here for the food.

Put the pizza down, back away slowly.


Outstanding in their field.

"Mama's Don't let your children grow up to be Hobos!"

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