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From Al - "Flirtin' With The Mob" will be hosting a Halloween dance party on Saturday November 5. It will run from 7:00pm-11:00pm at the Richland Township (Shelly) Fire Company. Tickets are $10.00. For more information call 610.662.5525.

The Hobos are on Facebook! Thanks to Michelle's suggestion, we have an open page on Facebook.com, so if you're browsing, feel free to stop by and post something.

Members who have band flip folders: Please make sure that the band folder is up to date with the new music introduced for the 2011 fall season. If you own your own flip be sure to contact Al or me ASAP so we can get copies of the new music to you. If you want to obtain your own they are available at West End Music, along with replacement sleeves. You'll need five extra sleeves, for a total of ten. Let me know and I'll be happy to photocopy the music you'll need.

Be an Urban Legend Buster! Check out those crazy "forward this to everyone you know" e-mails BEFORE sending them on! Go to Hoax Slayer and find out the origin of the story.

The Hobo Band is missing some drums. If you were, dated, or knew a member and still have some old equipment, please click on my e-mail, and we'll be happy to pick up our stuff and get it out of your garage.