The Allentown Hobo "Almost" Marching Band

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Welcome to the first web page for the little guys, the Allentown Hobo "Almost" Marching Band! Sure, we don't have the history and reputation of the Allentown Band, the clout of the Boston Philharmonic, or the good taste of the Boombadeers, but we do have one thing the other bands don't.... And if you find it, please return it, it's been missing for some time.

To anyone interested in joining, we're always on the lookout for new players. If you're stopping by and would like to check us out please click on the link below for information on joining the band.

........We are NOT Alone! Check out our Fellow Hobos........

The now disbanded Geryville Hobo Band.  
Sorry to see you go!

Here's the Texas Shiner Hobo Band, of..uh, Shiner, Texas!

Click here for the Original Hobo Band (Inc.), of Pitman, NJ

Make of these guys what you will....

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